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If you read the interviews of beautiful and successful women (Hollywood stars, models), most of them give the fan the same advice - “love yourself”. Do not believe in fickle fashion, seek help from plastic surgeons. Any woman is beautiful in herself. But it is not her huge breasts or perfect face that makes her beautiful, but the fact that she believes in her uniqueness and uniqueness. Whatever appearance is given by nature, it is not the regular features and proportions that attract the eye, but the feeling of happiness that comes from a person. This is the so-called charisma. Imagine that you have a man with a perfectly handsome face, but he has an extinct look, a "sour" expression on his face, the corners of his lips are down. And next to another, not so attractive, but with a charming smile, a burning look, cheerful and charismatic. Surely, people will be drawn to the second, because everyone wants happiness and positive. Whatever the woman, if she loves herself and shares her happiness and good mood with others, she will always be surrounded by fans.

Bodypositive Stars

Jennifer Aniston is a living example of how self-belief works. When she was only 9 years old, Aniston's parents divorced. Mother on her took out all her grievances and disappointments. She said that Jennifer has too small and close-set eyes, a very large face and a terrible mouth. She called her a fat mouse. The girl could have believed all this and suffered all her life from complexes. But she chose a different path. She believed in herself, that she was beautiful. And she made everyone believe it. In 2016, it was Jennifer Aniston, 47, who led the rating of the most beautiful women according to People. She encourages you to believe that you are beautiful, and it does not matter what you are and where you are. Jennifer herself lives by the same principles, calls herself happy and healthy, tries to be useful to this world and people.

Mariah Carey, after breaking up with James Packer, seized the stress with flour and sweet and began to weigh 120 kg. But she did not self-flagellate and did not hesitate to demonstrate her body on stage, appearing in a tight body. In response to criticism, she said that she had steep hips and buttocks, and she wanted everyone to feel them. Carrie loves herself anyone, even with those extra pounds.

Rihanna often grows fat, then loses weight. She even admitted to reporters that she was buying several sizes of the same model of clothing. But she accepts herself for who she is. In an interview, Rihanna said that she really likes her body, even if it is not perfect. She feels sexy and with extra pounds, and does not seek to get rid of them.

This list goes on and on. If the stars, whose task is to delight the audience not only with their talents, but also with a well-groomed appearance, are encouraged to love yourself as you are, the rest are all the more worth listening to their advice and enjoying life, believing that you are beautiful.

How to love yourself

Psychologists write that self-love is the foundation of a person’s entire life. It depends on whether this feeling exists, whether he can find his soul mate, realize himself at work, build harmonious relationships with other people.

Self-love is not bloated conceit or arrogance, it is accepting oneself as you are, with all the advantages and disadvantages. A person looks at himself as if from a side, evaluates, but without self-pity and without self-flagellation. This is not self-deception, but awareness, support and encouragement of yourself, work on yourself. If the child did not see a pattern of loving relationship with himself in his parents, did not receive maternal love, this deficiency will be felt all his life, a person will not be able to love himself.

How to understand that you love yourself not enough? Read these points. If each of these statements describes you, then you need to learn to love yourself.

1. You are indifferent to your health, as well as to your appearance.

2. You often have the feeling that you are unworthy of something: pleasure, money, education, etc.

3. You are too self-critical, constantly trying to improve yourself.

4. Often you try to satisfy the needs of another person, not your own, and then you feel like a victim.

The easiest way to teach yourself to love yourself is if you surround him with care and attention. But you can change at a more mature age. How to do it?

1. Listen to your feelings.

Stop as often as possible and listen to your thoughts and feelings. So you can notice that it causes you discomfort. Once you figure it out, do everything possible to eliminate this discomfort. Do you want a snack? Do not deny yourself. Annoying desktop clutter? Get out. Does the sound of a working TV interfere? Ask family members to turn it off or move to another room.

2. Love your inner Child.

The level of happiness directly depends on whether your inner Child is joyful. Remember how you express love for your children. Surely you often repeat to them that they are good, call them sweet words, praise them, fulfill their desires, protect them from dangers, hug and kiss them. Try to take care of your inner Child as well. He needs bodily contact and hugs. Try to hug your spouse, family, children as often as possible. Remember how you were called in childhood. Promise that you will turn to yourself affectionately, call yourself diminutive names. Do not scold and criticize yourself for any reason. Praise your inner Child more often, fulfill his wishes, do not forget to entertain him.

3. Stop feeling like a victim.

Self-pity is a self-destructive feeling. In life, not everything always happens as we want. If because of each failure you will experience, then your life will turn into one continuous suffering. Fight this, suppress the desire to feel sorry for yourself and cry.

Beauty is not an ideal appearance, but cheerfulness, love of life, "light" in the eyes. If you love yourself for who you are, those around you will also sympathize with you. You can finally feel happy, and attract good luck, love and success.

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