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Voluntarily or involuntarily, our body accumulates fatigue, tension, and if you do not give it a break in time, it is likely to aggravate the situation. Unfortunately, life has forced many of us to shut down in their homes for a long time in the literal sense of the word, in the hope of surviving the coronavirus pandemic, which cannot Do not adversely affect the emotional background.

From time to time, a person is required to relieve tension. Voluntarily or involuntarily, our body accumulates fatigue, tension and, if you do not give it a break in time, there is a chance of exacerbating the situation. The result can be different: from drowsiness or nervousness to a cold and other more serious ailments.

Someone in this difficult period suffers from loneliness, a sense of uselessness, and someone on the contrary can not remain silent and alone for a second: children, spouse or spouse, parents, domestic animals scurry back and forth all day, each with their own needs and desires. Of course, we love our loved ones and they treat us with tenderness, but the inability to freely walk in the fresh air or to be alone at least for a couple of hours a day negatively affects the nervous system.

Try to plan your day so that you have the opportunity to retire for at least 30 minutes. It’s great if there is a free room, but if you strained the living space, the bathroom is suitable: you can combine two in one.

Spend these blissful 30 minutes in silence or listening to soft relaxing music. The room should be ventilated, if possible - let the window open. Lie on the bed (sofa), close your eyes, relax. Believe me, such short daily half hour of relaxation will be of great help to you.

But there will be no sense if you spend these 30 minutes explaining to your family that you need to retire, and then go into the room and start cleaning the bed from panties, notebooks, toys. Finally, settle down and start looking for a suitable melody in your smartphone, stumble upon the frightening news about the coronavirus and forget about the music. Result: an accelerated heartbeat, fear, irritability, and instead of a good mother thirty minutes later, a fury will appear on the doorstep of the room, accusing everyone of the inability to provide her with “these short, but such necessary thirty minutes”!

What to do? Think it over in advance! Talk to your friends the night before, and set your relaxation time together. It’s great if the children, at your request, take care of a comfortable bed for you shortly before “hour X”, and you open a window for airing, find a suitable melody in your smartphone or laptop, ask the household to take everything they need from this room so as not to break in during relaxation with a cry: "Where is my red typewriter?" and spend half an hour for useful but not noisy activities.

On the Internet, it’s not a problem to find videos that promise to relieve nervous tension. Some do fulfill this mission. However, there are those who, after listening to them, want to cry and generally lose their mood to do something.

Proven calming effect has the music of Valery Diduli (group "DiDulya"). His compositions in the genre of fusion, folk music have undeniable magic, they will imperceptibly transfer you to unknown distances and even outer space, and then return home.

But as they say: there are no friends for taste and color, so choose the music to your liking.

If it so happens that there is no separate room, but there is a bathroom, no problem! Reserve it for yourself and arrange for yourself for half an hour the reception of a relaxing aroma bath. Music with this procedure is not a hindrance!

For aromatherapy essential oil, sea salt or honey, milk. Water for the procedure should not be above +37 C, bath time - 20 minutes. For one aroma bath, 15 drops of oil are enough, which are previously dissolved in a tablespoon of sea salt or milk, honey.

Lavender essential oil has a relaxing effect. An essential remedy will help calm down, restore strength.

Geranium essential oil favorably affects the hormonal background, eases the condition with PMS, helps in solving problems during menopause. The geranium ether increases mental activity, calms nerves and gives vigor.

Bergamot oil will help to cope with emotional problems. Its ether reduces tension, anxiety.

The fragrance of a rose is very beneficial for women. This essential oil certainly has a relaxing effect, reduces anxiety, and normalizes blood pressure. After aromatherapy with ether roses you will feel a surge of strength, self-confidence.

Aroma bath can be taken with one type of aromatic oil or several. But the total number of drops should not exceed 15! Start taking aromatherapy with 5 drops of ether, gradually increase their number to 15 drops.

There is only one “but” - aromatherapy is not recommended to be taken more often than a couple of times every 7 days!

You can relax on the balcony or loggia. Again, explain to your family that in these precious minutes they should not burst into this territory or flatten their noses into the window glass and scrape their fingers over it!

Try to remove all unnecessary things from the balcony. Feel free to get rid of trash. Believe me, if you haven’t used stored boxes and boxes for two years, the pots are not of the first freshness, then they will certainly not be useful to you. But the free space is now worth its weight in gold! Install a comfortable chair on the balcony, or maybe even a chair, prepare a warm blanket - and go! And if there is still the opportunity to decorate the balcony with flowers, you get a real relaxation area.

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