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When some kind of misfortune or trouble occurs with us, everyone reacts differently to this. Someone gives up, and someone selflessly rushes to deal with difficulties. And only a few try to find something positive in the situation.

Psychologists say that almost every negative situation carries a grain of development. After all, the negative comes to our life for a reason, it is always a consequence of some processes, it concerns the matter of health, relationships or the business sphere. This may be an indicator that a person has chosen the wrong or dead end path, that he is clinging to an obsolete relationship, or simply his life has turned into a routine in which there is no development. Let's look at some of the most common negative situations.

Illness or injury

It would seem that what good can be found in an accident or in health problems? Especially if the quality of your life has noticeably decreased or you have even turned into a person with a disability.

But, as they say, "just like that, a brick does not fall on your head!" If this happened to you, then it was necessary. Ailment often makes people change internally. Someone begins to value life and the people around them more, someone turns to religion and the spiritual sphere, someone finds new activities for themselves - for example, writing poetry, painting pictures. A lot of people create socially important projects, blog on the Internet, and help others in distress. Perhaps this is your true mission?

The death of a loved one

Faced with the death of loved ones - parents, spouses, brothers and sisters, children - sometimes it is very difficult. What positive can be found in such a situation?

In fact, death is a completely natural phenomenon. Each of us leaves, completing our mission on earth. And when it is completed, no one can know in advance.

If a person was sick for a long time before death, then death was a deliverance for him and for you. Is it worth regretting that your loved one has moved to a better world?

If death was unexpected, then such a thing she could look only from the outside. Many people carry a hidden disease in themselves. Isn’t it better to leave right away without causing any problems?

Did a person die from an accident or murder? This can also be associated with the completion of the path on earth. Perhaps he completed everything that was intended here. Usually everyone laments how wonderful the man was, why he was "taken". Meanwhile, esotericists, for example, respond to this: "They are more needed there than here." How do you know that there is no afterlife or soul transmigration? And if there is, and it was this soul that was urgently needed there?

If a person was your support, you could not imagine your life without him, then maybe you should think: what if this situation was given to you so that you can learn to live independently and independently? Or are you destined to meet another person who will help you grow?


For most women, divorce is a terrible stress. The husband turned out to be a scoundrel: he brought little money, beat, got drunk or cheated ... And there are also options when everything seemed to be fine, and the man took and left the family ...

Of course, at first glance this is a tragedy. But on the other hand, what have you lost? If everything was bad, then why do you need this person? And if everything was fine, then why did he leave? So, still, something was very wrong ... And is it necessary to hold on to such a man? Say what you like, but you got rid of certain negative factors in your life. And this is the main plus of the situation.

Try to summarize your marriage by recalling at the same time what your partner gave you. And start making plans for the future. Perhaps out of wedlock you will have more opportunities for self-development, career, you can pay more attention to your beloved ... And when you are ready, you will meet another partner in life.

Job loss

Few such a situation will not unsettle. Especially if the economic crisis is around and finding a new job is not so simple. Meanwhile, everything is natural. If you were fired or laid off, then that means there is nothing more to do in this place. Your mission here is over. And you should look for another way.

Take a look around. In a big city you can always find sources of income. Many people make artistic crafts, sew, bake cakes, do repairs, sit with other people's children and make great money. In extreme cases, you can go somewhere in the wilderness, live in a hut and engage in subsistence farming. There are always options. Perhaps after some time you will feel much better than when you sat in the office from ten in the morning to seven in the evening and trembled before your bosses.

If you are often fired, it does not go well with work, then it is possible that you are simply out of place. Try changing your business.

Material losses

Losing money, property, or valuables can be a heavy blow to us. And no matter what the reason was - the robbery, fire, bankruptcy or the behavior of other people who misappropriated what belongs to you.

But remember how Jesus said that "it is difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven." Perhaps money or material values ​​were very important for you in life, much more important than spiritual values? Perhaps because of them you forgot about your loved ones and even about love? And now is the time to think about it?

By the way, in such situations it is often possible to find out who your real friends are. If these people do not leave you in poverty, in a situation of losses, then you can rely on them. And if, having learned about your unenviable position, they will quickly evaporate, why do you need such “friends”?

Of course, no one is urging you not to be upset at all for any reason. We are all living people, and all the same, we won’t fail to respond to the ups and downs of life. But you should not focus on a negative situation. Live it and move on!