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Phobias - daughters of the ancient Greek god of fear Phobos - panicky irrational fears of objects, phenomena that have no apparent reason.

One can say a sign of our time, when nerves are stretched stronger than strings. And there are always lovers of playing on other people's nerves ... Although many people themselves like to tickle their nerves, enjoying dosed portions of fear - they read and watch thrillers, all kinds of horror films, and also for the future dream.

Those who are older probably remember well how in childhood they were heard by horror stories, such as: “Five bloody boys ...” or “In one black-black house”.

In fact, fear of danger is a natural reaction of our prehistoric ancestors to the mysterious and frightening world that surrounded them.

Not only saber-toothed tigers scared, but also strange sounds, phenomena, and later all invented evil spirits such as kikimore, mermaids, and aquatic.

The world was gradually changing, but for our ancestors it remained huge and inexplicable for centuries. There were very few scientific explanations at first. People continued to be afraid.

Although in ancient times, in the eyes of sane people, many fears seemed simply eccentricity.

For example, Hippocrates described -aulophobia- fear of playing the flute. There is still -metrophobia- obsessive fear of poetry.

And even now, when, it seems, science has already explained almost everything, and progress is taking quick steps, humanity has a lot of fears.

More than 400 phobias are currently described.

At first glance, it may seem that the weak and the unfit suffer from phobias. But strangely enough, most often smart people suffer from phobias - “highbrow intellectuals”.

Phobias leave their mark on human behavior. It seems that an absolutely adequate person loses power over himself during a panic attack and can do stupid things.

But this is not so. It is known that Peter I was terribly afraid of insects, that is, he sufferedacarophobia.

Some people are afraid of moths -mottephobia

It's hard to believe, but Napoleon was no less afraid of horses. This fear is calledhippophobia. I must say that Bonaparte didn’t prank on horses, it’s just an invention of artists.

Gogol suffered all his life fromtafephobia- fear of being buried alive.

Horror King Alfred Hitchcock was terribly afraid of the cops.

Sex symbol George Clooney, suffers for many yearsgamophobia- fear of getting married. What did not hurt him to nevertheless tie the knot.

Horror can paralyze the body, cause numbness, lead to fainting.

Experts divide all phobias into three types.

Simple phobias- this is when a person experiences fear of a certain object, event, place. For example, women are most often afraid of insects and animals. Women are more likely to have a fear of infections, and they literally bring the entire family to frustration not just with perfect, but sterile cleanliness. There are men who are afraid to argue with their wife.

Social phobias- fear of communication. It seems to me that many people suffer from this fear in early youth and even in youth. They feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar society, are afraid to communicate with strangers. But in adolescence, shyness looks natural, and over the years it begins to spoil both nerves and life. Therefore, if shyness does not pass itself, you should contact a specialist. Otherwise, a normal life will not work.

People suffering from social phobia have difficulty creating families; their careers are not being built. Some are afraid to fall in someone’s eyes, seem ridiculous.

We all probably know people who try to look invisible. Hence the "gray mice."

The third group of phobias - fear of open space -agoraphobia. In some people, it takes on such proportions that people lock themselves in four walls and refuse to leave the house.

Or vice versa -claustrophobia- fear of confined space. For such people, any trip in transport is a real torment.

Unfortunately, scientists have not yet come to a consensus, why phobias arise. Some believe that the reason is biology, others blame psychology.

It is known that phobias can be inherited. Although the phobia may not be the same as one of the parents suffered.

Scientists say that at first the children are not afraid of anything. They study the world, fall from a chair, put their fingers into a power outlet, try to pat the flames ... And only after gaining experience or succumbing to the suggestion of their parents, they gain a sense of fear of dangers. So it turns out that any phobia is an acquired fear. Psychologists say that you can get rid of everything acquired by making an effort.

It is best to get rid of phobias under the supervision of a psychotherapist or psychologist. But if a phobia is not destructive, you can get rid of it yourself.

Meet your fear face to face.

For example, my cousin always seemed to have Baba Yaga sitting in her grandmother’s closet and she constantly climbed into this closet at night to see if this old woman was sitting there, and if she was there, to prove to her that nobody was her fears.

No need to try to get rid of the phobia at an accelerated pace, with a snap, it is better to give yourself enough time. With the approach of fear, switch your thoughts to something else, pleasant.

Many probably noticed that believers with a sense of fear begin to pray. Experts say that prayer, by virtue of its monotony, really helps, it calms and distracts.

Doctors recommend that, sensing the approach of fear, begin to count to a thousand or read poetry with expression, trying to immerse themselves in the images of the verse.

Unfortunately, caffeine provokes fear symptoms in phobic sufferers. Therefore, you need to refuse coffee, and drink less and weaker tea.

But the movements - running, brisk walking and any sports effectively help to cope with phobias.

The option is also effective when a person who is afraid is looking for a child in himself and begins to calm him down, imagining that he is pressing him to himself, stroking his head and saying that he is close and will not give him an insult and that nothing terrible actually happens.

This option is probably suitable for almost everyone, because love is the best medicine and the best protection, even if we love and protect ourselves.